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Since our founding in 1993, we have been providing consistently top-level legal services to both Czech and foreign clients. Taking into account our numerous employees, our firm has a number of teams specializing in different areas of law. We are therefore ready to provide our clients with highly qualified legal services in any life situation, in both their private and work lives.

In 2008 our law firm was admitted as a member of the prestigious international association of independent law firms INTERLEGAL. Thanks to this membership, we can direct or mediated legal services for our clients in more than 40 countries.

We are partners for both your personal and work life

We are proud to rank among the best law firms in professional charts every year. From 2013 until now, our law firm has been regularly awarded, especially in the area of criminal law, dispute resolution and arbitration.

We are also not indifferent to public life. Promoting democracy, the struggle for freedom and the rule of law have always been the main pillars of our law firm, and they still are. We assert and develop these principles through active membership in the committees of the Czech Bar Association and other institutions, the establishment and management of the Union of Attorneys, public information and political engagement.

We also regularly support art, especially the Czech theater scene and theater associations. We also support animal shelters, we don't just support them financially, many of our team members also provide them with their own home.

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