We do not look at the new client as another case, but as a long-term partner whose success is our priority.

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We do not look at the new client as another case, but as a long-term partner whose success is our priority.

Since the establishment of law firm Toman & partners in 1993, we have been providing legal services at the highest of level to both domestic and foreign clients. We represent clients from many areas of social life, especially in complex and mediated litigations.

Thanks to a high number of experts, we have teams specializing in various legal areas, so we can provide you with highly qualified legal services in all areas of law. We also offer our clients consultations with specialists from partner companies focusing on finance, real estate, PR or IT. In one place, we offer all the services you may need for various business and personal life situations.

In addition to traditional areas of criminal, commercial, real estate, family and IT law, in which our law firm has long years of experience, we are constantly expanding our focus according to current social developments, such as the current focus on cyber security law. In 2020, we also acquired unique know-how in the field of 5G network legislation. We also deal with the cooperation of lawyers with the media, which is now becoming a necessary part of comprehensive legal services.

JUDr. Toman a Mgr. Toman

Our vision is to preserve the thirty-year tradition of our law firm and at the same time determine the modern way of providing legal services.

To be among the best, we believe more than just top legal knowledge and skills are required. Along with constant changes in the world around us, new legal topics and challenges are canstantly coming up. As one of leading law firms in the Czech republic, it is necessary for is to be perfectly orientated in all of them. That is why we constantly set new standards in legal service innovation.

We already offer clients online legal services and for companies we have prepared a unique service called External Internal Lawyer, which offers convenient alternative for companies to their corporate lawyers.

After the declaration of a state of emergency, we also opened Covid-conslutation and remotely provided free legal services to hundreds of people affected by the coronavirus pandemic. For a long time, we have also been providing pro bono legal services to the Wild forest Association for Children, which, among other things, strives to save the tropical rainforest and protect wild animals.

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