We do not look at the new client as another case, but as a long-term partner whose success is our priority.

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We do not look at the new client as another case, but as a long-term partner whose success is our priority.

Since its establishment in 1993, the law firm TOMAN & PARTNEŘI has been providing legal services at the highest level to important domestic and foreign clients. Our brand evokes respect and quality. With us, the client can be proud of his law firm.

The basis of the work of the law firm TOMAN & PARTNERS is the representation of clients from a wide range of social activities, especially in complex and mediated litigation. There is no dispute that is too difficult or a case that is too big.

Due to the large staff, the law firm has teams specializing in various areas of law and is therefore able to provide its clients with highly qualified legal services in all areas of law. Under one roof, you can have two more services for your business.

Among other things, the law firm offers its clients, through partner companies, consultations with specializations in the field of finance, real estate, IT and PR. Newly, it focuses on the cooperation of lawyers with the media, which has now become a necessity for the provision of comprehensive legal services.

The law firm TOMAN & PARTNEŘI is a long-acclaimed law firm in the field of criminal and commercial law. However, the new ones also excel in the areas of IT and real estate law, where they are constantly expanding their operations. In 2020, it also acquired various know-how in the field of building 5G networks.

The law firm TOMAN & PARTNEŘI constantly focuses on innovations in the provision of legal services. At present, it offers its clients legal services ONLINE and companies that will offer a unique service Quality corporate lawyer in the long run. For many clients, this is a convenient alternative to in-house lawyers.

The law firm has also been providing pro bono legal services to the Prales Association for Children for a long time, which, among other things, strives to save the tropical rainforest and protect animals. Following the declaration of a state of emergency by Koroporadna and remotely providing open legal services to persons affected by a coronavirus pandemic.

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