Business law

Founding a company, its operation, transformations and investor inputs bring many legal and strategic issues that need to be addressed. Whether these are seemingly simple formal acts, or whether you find yourself in a complicated legal situation, it's always good to have an experienced lawyer who can make your journey much easier.

We are proud of being partners to many of our corporate clients throughout their whole entrepreneurship.

Our clients include small entrepreneurs and medium-sized companies, as well as large, well-known business corporations. We believe that knowledge of your field of business is part of our job. We have been helping manufacturing and sales factories, developer and construction companies, transport companies and service companies for many years. We often work closely with tax advisors to find an optimal solution.

Long-term cooperation provides us with knowledge of the environment and allows the business to run smoothly. However, you can also turn to us with one-off problems that require special expertise. We also like to work your with corporate lawyers to find answers to specific legal issues together or offer you our new legal service quality in-house lawyer.

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Mergers and acquisitions

Transfer of business shares and stocks

Changes in corporate contracts

Analyses, audits and due diligence

Criminal compliance


Contracts and public tenders

Public procurement and competition law

Work law

Crisis legal management

Our business law specialists

Thanks to the extensive specialization of our team, we offer comprehensive legal services and ongoing advice to both small businesses and large business corporations. Our team consists of accomplished experts that base their work on a personal approach. They will give you professional but comprehensible and specific advice with a clear recommended course of action to help you put it into practice. You can rely on our advice. No conclusion of our legal analysis has been found to be incorrect or subject to dispute.

Hlavní město Praha - JCDecaux

Naše advokátní kancelář vypracovala pro Hlavní město Prahu právní analýzu smluvního vztahu mezi Hl. m. Prahou a JCDecaux v souvislosti…

Due dilligence Stadionu Slavie - Eden

Naše advokátní kancelář byla pověřena radnicí Prahy 10 provedením právní předinvestiční prověrky (due dilligence) v souvislosti se zamýšleným záměrem radnice…

Hlavní město Praha - Audit smlouvy se společností ELTODO-CITELUM

Naše advokátní kancelář byla hlavním městem Prahou pověřena provedením právního auditu smlouvy hl. m. Prahy se společností ELTODO-CITELUM, která zajišťuje…

Lesy ČR v. HLDS

Naše advokátní kancelář roku 2009 - 2010 poskytovala právní služby a zastoupení v kauze o ukončení spolupráce Lesů České…


Advokátní kancelář TOMAN, DEVÁTÝ & PARTNEŘI v letech 2001 – 2005 poskytovala právní služby a zastoupení v kauze pádu…

CME a TV Nova

Advokátní kancelář TOMAN, DEVÁTÝ & PARTNEŘI v letech 2002 – 2003 poskytovala právní služby a zastoupení ve sporu o…

Articles on business law

Obrázek - Je možné odstoupit od smlouvy a ponechat si plnění?

Je možné odstoupit od smlouvy a ponechat si plnění?

Are you looking for a reliable lawyer than you can lean on in your business endeavors?

Choosing the right lawyer can make your journey considerably easier. We have a wealth of experience, and we would be happy to be your expert partner throughout your entrepreneurship.

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