Construction law

Are you planning a development project? Do you want to build, buy or sell real estate? Do you need to deal with building authorities or the Land Register Office?

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in construction law, we are able to provide professional legal and advisory services.

We will help you to get your bearings in the area of construction law and the related regulations. We will provide you with all necessary permissions and opinions of authorities according to the construction specifications. We will represent you during negotiations or proceedings before public authorities, in particular before the Land Register Office (registration in the Land Register) or building authorities (zoning decisions and building permissions). We will completely prepare all necessary contractual documentation, including contracts with contractors, material distributors and subcontractors, contracts on utility networks and others. We will provide you with expert opinions and escrow.

Our experts will guide you on the way from modification of the municipal plan to the final establishment of legal relations upon the completion of the project or the subsequent sale to the first owners.

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Comprehensive legal assistance during construction

Preparation of contractual documentation in all areas of construction law

Preparation of the construction or work contract

Representation before the Land Register Office and building or revenue authorities

Possibility of escrow