Debt collection and distraint

A court's verdict of successful recovery of receivables is often not enough. In such cases, you can rely on us. Drafting distraint proposals and representation in distraint proceedings is a daily practice for us, which is why we are one of the best in this area. We have long-standing cooperation with well-established and efficient executive agencies to ensure that our clients get quick and efficient recovery of their claims. We also provide legal advice in cases of imminent distraint or unjustified distraint and compensation of related damages. We also resolve unpleasant situations such as unjustified seizure of property by filing an exclusion of claims suit. We also provide assistance in writing notarial deeds with direct enforceability.

Whether you are a debtor or creditor, you need to act quickly. You can trust our experienced team with your case. Trusting in us will benefit you.

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Drafting a distraint proposal

Representation in distraint proceedings

Representation in proceedings for the exclusion of claims from the enforcement of a decision

Postponement or suspension of distraint

Communication with debtors, creditors, distrainers, notaries

Our debt collection and distraint specialists

Our expert team has extensive experience in counseling as well as debt collection and distraint. We're ready to give you quick, expert advice. We will fight for you throughout the distraint proceedings. Through long-term collaboration with certified court bailiffs, we can effectively and efficiently help collect your receivables.

Ministerstvo financí ČR

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