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Family relationships are complicated, and it's not always possible to solve family problems without qualified help. Marriage and children bring joy as well as certain issues, so we are here for you from the very beginning. Concluding a prenuptial agreement can help avoid unnecessary confusion after the wedding. Life isn't always a fairy tale, and not everyone lives together happily every after. We are ready to support you in these difficult life situations, to help you find the right solution and apply it.

We try to solve all problems discreetly and without unnecessary delays. We can help you with arrangements for child custody, contact with your child and settlement of joint property of spouses. We are also ready to defend the interests of our clients in court, while fully understanding the sensitivity of the dispute and the importance of a personal approach, which is very important to us.

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Representation in contested and uncontested divorces

Child care

Increasing or reducing alimony

Contracts for the reduction or division of community property

Community property settlement

Prenuptial agreements

Adoption proceedings

Inheritance law

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Because of the importance and sensitivity of family law issues, our team consists of attorneys who have long-term, extensive experience with legal services in this area, and who have lots of their own life experiences. They will listen to you, understand you and help you overcome your difficult life situation.

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