Hotel business law

Do you want to build, buy or operate a hotel? Are you an investor who wants to invest in a hotel and entrust another person with its operation or are you looking for a different way? Whether you are an operator or an investor, we are the right partner for you.

We will give you comprehensive guidance on the way from setting the cornerstone of the hotel to roofing by the hotel operator.

We will prepare all necessary contractual documentation, from construction contracts to management agreements. We will represent you during the necessary negotiations on contracts, meetings or proceedings before the Land Register Office and trade or building authorities. We will obtain all the necessary opinions and permissions from the authorities for you. We will provide you with an expert opinion, comprehensive legal due diligence, employment contracts for hotel employees, protection of guest and employee data in compliance with the GDPR, escrow and we will also ensure all the other legal activities as required by the extensive field of hotel business.

We know how complex the field of hotel business can be and we will be happy to help you to get your bearings in this area, even on a long-term basis, using the LawFin service that offers regular high-quality legal and financial services tailored to your needs.

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Právo v hotelnictví

For investors

Representation during negotiations on contracts

Legal due diligence

Hotel ownership transfer agreements

Representation before authorities

All permissions and opinions of authorities

Construction / Work contracts

Comprehensive elaboration of the hotel management contract and additional contractual documentation


Regular and high-quality legal and financial service – LawFin – tailored to your needs

For operators

Professional representation, in particular during negotiations on hotel management agreements

License agreements, employment contracts and additional contractual documentation

Representation before authorities

Protection of guest and employee data in compliance with the GDPR