Influencer marketing

Are you a YouTuber or blogger, or are you active for example on Instagram? Do you promote the products of companies that pay you or provide you with their products free of charge? You should know that there is a lot more involved than just whether you like the brand concerned, whether the cooperation suits your content, or how much you will be paid for the cooperation. Not everything will work out the way the influencer or contracting company hope, and that is when the problems start.

We will provide you with complete legal coverage for e-shop operation and merchandise sales, for registering your logo, and to legally protect your name. You can leave all communication with the authorities to us. We are ready to take care of all the legal matters related to your activities so that you do not have to deal with them and can fully concentrate on your work.

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Influencer marketing

Comprehensive legal assistance influencer marketing

Contractual documentation with the contracting company (cooperation agreement)

Legal advice on influencer marketing

Ensuring legal protection of the logo, name

Business consulting

Legal treatment of merchandising

Checking the mandatory legal requirements of the e-shop, GTC and GDPR

Consultation of compliance of advertising with the law

Disputes concerning the protection of personality

Representation before authorities and courts

Articles on influencer marketing

Obrázek - Influencer marketing a právo

Influencer marketing a právo

Are you looking for a reliable lawyer than you can lean on in your business endeavors?

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