Mgr. Bc. Denisa Hirschová

The most reprehensible form of forgetfulness is when people forget to enjoy life.

I liked and was attracted to law from an early age, and not much has changed since then. It is hard to describe what this field means to me. With only slight exaggeration, I might say it is how I see the world and, in a way, is a kind of lifestyle. I am fascinated by law and its constant development, and I consider the fact that the study of law and its application in practice blur the line between work and leisure time for me – I find this amazing, and very important for both my life and the job I do for my clients. I consider my client’s trust in me to be a great commitment and am willing to fight for my client’s rights with all the available means.


Naturally, man does not live by law alone. I therefore try to use my free time to enjoy my hobbies. I love doing all kinds of sports and like spending time outdoors – despite my fear of heights, you can often meet me in the mountains. On longer holidays, I pack my bag and set off on more distant trips – travelling is another of my passions. When I am at home, it is hard to pull me away from a book, or I might play the piano or guitar (although those around me prefer the quieter of my hobbies). Yet my favourite and most common way of spending my time is being with my horses and my equally beloved dog.


  • Criminal law
  • Civil law 
  • IT law

Education and legal practice

  • 2018 

    Absolvovala Právnickou fakultu Univerzity Karlovy s diplomovou prací na téma "Ochrana oběti trestného činu"

  • 2014

    Absolvovala Národohospodářskou fakultu Vysoké školy ekonomické, obor Veřejná správa a regionální rozvoj, kde získala titul Bc.



Nejvyšší správní soud – finanční úřady mají právo si od policie vyžádat záznamy z kamer


Nejen konec falešných slev aneb spotřebitelé budou více chránění před nekalými praktikami prodejců


Kontrola tzv. bezinfekčnosti není v rozporu se zákonem, uzavřel Nejvyšší správní soud

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