Protection of personality, name and intellectual property

The right to protection of individual personality is one of the key rights on which our democratic society is built. We approach cases of this type very sensitively and with a maximum degree of care and professionalism, which we have been developing since the establishment of our law firm.

We provide consultancy and representation when exercising rights to the protection of personality not only as concerns private law, but also within the framework of public law (e.g. press law, radio and television broadcasting law, GDPR, law on certain information society services, criminal code). We also specialise in the provision of legal services in the case of unauthorised infringement on the name of legal entities.

In addition to the defence of personality and name, it is equally important to protect rights from intellectual property. Our experts will help you in cases of breach of copyright as well as industrial property right, both on a national and international level. You need not hesitate to contact us regarding cases concerning rights to information technologies.

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Infringement of individual honour, esteem, dignity, health and privacy

Infringement caused by undermining the right to one’s name and unauthorised use of a legal entity’s name, and other infringements on the reputation or privacy of a legal entity

Representation before the courts, Office for Personal Data Protection and the Industrial Property Office

Representation in the case of accusation of breach of individual personality rights, name of a legal entity and intellectual property rights

Trademarks, utility and industrial designs, patents and inventions

Our specialist in the protection of personality, name and intellectual property

Our law firm boasts several highly respected experts in the fields of personal and intellectual property protection. These include in particular the partners in our law firm, JUDr. Petr Toman, LL.M., Dr. and JUDr. Zuzana Smítková, Ph.D., who are not only widely published in this field, but also rightfully earn awards for their work. They have represented many highly-publicised cases in the field, such as the case of the judicial mafia, the Czech Miss pageant case, representation of the chief executive officer of Karlovarské minerální vody in the case of the Kysleka spa, or the representation of Vendula Svobodová in connection to the Kapka Naděje charity fund.

Kauza tzv. "justiční mafie"

Naše advokátní kancelář poskytovala od roku 2008 právní služby a zastoupení v mediálně ostře sledovaném sporu o ochranu osobnosti, tzv.…

Lázně Kyselka

Naše advokátní kancelář poskytuje od roku 2013 právní služby a zastoupení generálnímu řediteli Karlovarských minerálních vod v souvislosti s…

J&T Banka

Naše advokátní kancelář poskytovala právní služby společnosti J&T BANKA ve sporu proti časopisu Respekt, který vydal dne 1. 2.…

ODS v. Kořistka

Naše advokátní kancelář poskytovala roku 2007 právní služby a zastoupení v citlivé mediálně známé politické kauze, která se dotýkala…

Rath v. Cabrnoch

Naše advokátní kancelář poskytovala roku 2007 právní služby a zastoupení v kauze týkající se sporu europoslance Milana Cabrnocha s…

Vendula Svobodová

Naše advokátní kancelář poskytuje od roku 2007 právní služby a zastoupení Vendule Svobodové v řízeních na ochranu osobnosti proti…

Articles on protection of personality, title and intellectual property

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